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J.D. Hodgson students get Honourable Mention for water saving ideas

A class from J.D. Hodgson elementary school in Haliburton came very close to
winning the Big Splash award. The water hero contest was launched at the
Haliburton –Muskoka-Kawartha Children’s Water Festival last year encouraging
students to think about ways to conserve water. Lady McKenzie Public School in
Kirkfield had the most entries, but Madame Brandon’s grade 5 class at JDH will
be presented an honourable mention certificate today for submitting great water
saving ideas. Here are their top ten:

1.       Use low flow showerheads
2.       Take less time in the shower
3.       Don’t let water run while you are brushing your teeth
4.       Don’t pour oils, gases or any pollution into the ground because it will contaminate our water.
5.       Collect rain water in a rain barrel and use it for watering  your plants or other things
6.       When you are using a hose, use an attachment so that you can control the water flow and you will not waste water
7.       Use toilets with small water tanks
8.       Go for a swim to freshen up, but don’t use soap!
9.       Keep a container of cold water in your fridge and then yo u don’t have to let the water in your tap run to get cold
10.   Reuse clean cooking water



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