An online trial of the Ontario Secondary School Literary Test has failed.
High school students in Haliburton County were voluntarily taking the literary test today to try out the new online format.
However, the Education Quality and Accountability Office reports widespread technical issues with the new system forced them to shut down the test.
The test has been written on paper in the past, and the EQAO was running this trial to see how students would perform taking it online.
Officials with the Trillium Lakelands District School Board say they are disappointed this trial did not pan out.
The board is waiting on direction from the EQAO on how to move forward following this failed trial run.
Officials say there was an enormous amount of preparation in order to be ready for this trial.
Students who volunteered to take their literacy tests early and be a part of this trial will be able to write their tests again in March.
The literacy test is mandatory in order to graduate.