The Municipality of Haliburton County is pushing pause on purchasing one new ambulance for the area. This is because there will only be one stretcher.

Chief and Director of the Department of Emergency Services Craig Jones says a paramedic can only care for one person, even if they have two stretchers.

Councillor Cheryl Murdoch says they may not be able to address both people, but at least they are both going to the hospital. She wants to know what is needed for our rural area.

Councillor Liz Danielsen says it’s hard because council is looking at safety for both our paramedics, and for residents. She says it’s an awkward situation, and she needs more information before they go ahead on approving this.

Reeve of Minden Hills Brent Devolin says he wants to get it right the first time.

Jones will be bringing back more information about one versus two stretchers. He will be looking at other rural areas to compare what they do.