Students in Haliburton now have a world of literature right at their fingertips.
The Trillium Lakelands District School Board has rolled out its new digital library, that offers a large selection of fiction and non-fiction literature for all students to take advantage of.
Superintendent of Learning Andrea Gillespie says there is also a selection of audio books available as well. She says one of the benefits of audiobooks is that readers have to think about the visuals, and do some creative thinking to imagine the pictures.
Both the eBooks and audio books can be downloaded to computers as well as hand held devices like an iPad.
Gillespie says at this point this online library is purely meant to be for recreational reading, but the school board may look into adding educational resources like textbooks in the future.
The physical libraries in the schools will still be running and Gillespie says there is no intention to replace them with this digital format.
Students can find more information on how to login by visiting the TLDSB website.
Gillespie says access will be available to parents soon.