SPARC Steering Committee Chair Lesley English says we can expect more from the initiative in the next month. She says the committee is being encouraged from all directions to do another symposium.

While the event will not be annual due to the long term time commitment for planning, this year’s kick off was effective in creating a template for future ventures.

The symposium reached capacity on Friday with 140 people in attendance. The event was an overall success, attracting people from across Canada as well as internationally.

English says there are grumblings about future symposiums, but it isn’t clear whether or not they will continue in Haliburton County or if other rural communities will take on the event.

With the Trillium grant the committee received, English says they plan to go ahead with establishing a concrete network based on the information they gathered from the event.

She says people can expect that plan to be announced at the end of May.