A business just west of Haliburton Village is upset that Dysart Et Al council wants him to shut down his home based moccasin business.

Jack James asked council to cut him some slack but the request was denied when it came to keeping his moccasin business up and running.

James says this is putting him in a difficult position when it comes to the business he has ran the last approximately three years..

Dysart Reeve Murray Fearrey says these laws are in place to ensure an equal playing field for businesses in the municipality.

Fearrey added that properties zoned as residential cannot sell goods they do not produce on site.

James added that he is unsure why this is an issue now, and not at any point since he moved to the area.

James says visitors to his property think it is great for the community.

If James is forced to cease operations, he is not sure what he will do to earn money.


Letters of support, and council’s position can be found by clicking here.