Hydro One is asking the province if they can raise energy rates.

In a letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne, Conservative leader Patrick Brown is calling the proposed rate hike extremely unfair, and is asking the Premier to deny the request.

Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock M.P.P. Laurie Scott feels another increase is ridiculous.

Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault responded to Brown’s letter saying that the Ontario Energy Board, which is independent of the government, has the final say on whether to grant Hydro One’s request. In his letter to Brown, Thibeault mentioned that utility companies have made over 100 requests to the O.E.B. for rate increases in the last eight years, and reduced rate increase requests by an average of approximately 40%.

In his letter to Brown, Thibeaut said that ripping up existing energy contracts would lead to expensive penalties and legal fees. He added that renegotiating the Green Energy Investment in 2013 led to $3.7 billion in savings. for Ontarians.

Scott feels the minimum 25% rate cut tabled by the liberals, coupled with Hydro One’s request to bump rates up is the government taking with one hand, and giving with the other.

She says says the province has made a lot of errors with Hydro One.

Scott adds that executives are making high salaries and bonuses while Ontarians struggle to pay their power bills.