Ontario’s N.D.P. says each energy rate hike is pushing many people past the financial breaking point.

N.D.P. Energy Critic Peter Tabuns was responding to Hydro One’s request to the Ontario Energy Board to increase rates by approximately $141 per household.

Tabuns said in a release this disgusting situation sums up Premier Kathleen Wynne’s attitude towards Ontario families.

He says their C.E.O. is making $4.5 million a year while families struggle.

Tabuns, who serves as the M.P.P. in the Toronto area adds the New Democrats plan would reduce electricity bills by up to 30%.

He also says the N.D.P. plan would make hydro rates equal across Ontario.

A part of that plan is to stop the selloff of Hydro One to private companies.

You can click here to learn more about the N.D.P’s energy plan.

Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault recently said in a letter the O.E.B. and not the government makes the final call on rate increases.