Highlands East is still working to determine what should be included at a new park set to be built in Wilberforce.

CAO Shannon Hunter says the municipality has called on residents to weigh-in on what they hope to see in Herlihey Park, which is set to open in Wilberforce in the coming months. Some suggestions have included a picnic area and well-lit walking trails. Council will review this information and formulate a park plan.

Hunter says the municipality wants the park to foster a more active lifestyle and be open and accessible to all age groups. She says the municipality will think outside the box, and develop a space that can drive the economy by encouraging travellers to spend time in it.

Highlands East was able to buy the land along Dark Lake thanks to an almost $400,000 donation from Karl and Carol Marcus. It’s being named Herlihey Park in memory of their parents, Beatrice and Harold Herlihey. The park plan will give the municipality a better idea on how much money it needs to pitch into the park.

A dedication ceremony for Herlihey Park will be held at 11:00am on Monday at the Lloyd Watson Centre in Wilberforce. Hunter says there is no word yet on when the park will officially be open as there is still a lot of planning needed.

With files from Andreas Pandikiu.