When there is an emergency, Haliburton County is exceeding expectations on response times.

That’s according to County Chief of Paramedic Services Tim Waite, who says paramedics are able to respond to calls for help under the required time.

Waite says he is impressed with the results given the territory paramedics cover.

There are six categories of emergencies.

The one area the county fell slightly below expectations is on sudden cardiac arrest calls.

Waite says two calls in July have the county slightly below the response time of under six minutes.

Here are more stats on how often Haliburton County paramedics arrive on the scene when they are dispatched. The county’s performance is in bold.

2018 Proposed Response Time Standard:
Sudden Cardiac Arrest < 6 minutes 20% (14.25%)
CTAS 1 < 8 minutes 30%  (33.33%)
CTAS 2 < 15 minutes 65% (69.78%)
CTAS 3 < 20 minutes 65% (83.75%)
CTAS 4 < 25 minutes 65% (95.40%)
CTAS 5 < 30 minutes 65% (98.28%)