Minden Hills could see a Business Improvement Association tax in its downtown core.

Mayor Brent Devolin says the township will be opening its official plan once tweaks are made to the county’s plan.

While Devolin says it’s way too early to talk about potential B.I.A. taxes for businesses, many idea are on the table for Minden’s downtown area.

Devolin adds once the county’s official plan has been rubber stamped; Minden will be able to address a potential B.I.A. for downtown.

Dysart et al charges a mandatory tax to 68 businesses in the Village of Haliburton to be part of the B.I.A.

The minimum tax for a B.I.A business ion Haliburton is $160 while the limit is $1,650.

The Haliburton B.I.A. puts on several events a year to generate traffic as well as has some rules to ensure businesses in the downtown core look presentable.