Basil Borutski’s murder trial could be handed over to the jury for deliberation as soon as Monday.

This comes after another day of trial in Borutski’s case, who is accused of first-degree murder in the deaths of Carol Culleton, Anastasia Kuzyk, and Nathalie Warmerdam in September, 2015.

The Crown closed its case against Borutski today after testimony from Forensic Scientist Judy Chin. Chin testified that a gun seized from the field near Kinburn where Borutski was arrested had similar markings to those found at the crime scenes.

Borutski, who is representing himself, declined to testify or call any witnesses today.

The Crown will make a closing statement starting on Monday, and Borutski will be offered an opportunity, before the jury is expected to begin deliberations. Borutski has remained silent during his trial, and a friend of the court has been appointed to him to make sure he gets a fair trial.

**With files from Andreas Pandikiu