Algonquin Highlands could be getting a financial break from the impacts of Bill 148.

The Ontario government is proposing to exempt municipal workers and volunteer firefighters from the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act.

The bill, in its current form, would require municipalities to pay employees to be on-call and require at least 96 hours notice for on-call work.

A treasury department report says $1,161,576 would be added to next year’s budget if there were no changes.

Mayor Carol Moffatt says she is curious how discussions around Bill 148 made it this far before any suggested changes were brought forward.

Moffatt adds even with the possible exemptions, the township’s costs will still rise.

Moffatt adds that a 32 per cent increase in the minimum wage by January 1st of 2019 will still stretch municipal budgets.

To see a copy of the financial report, click here.