Basil Borutski will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Borutski was sentenced today after being convicted of murdering Anastasia Kuzyk, Nathalie Warmerdam, and Carol Culleton in the Madawaska Valley two years ago.

The 60-year-old will serve three consecutive life sentences in prison for the murders. He will have to wait 70 years before being eligible for parole, which will make him 128 years old at that time.

Borutski’s sentence was handed down this morning as the nation marks the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. Outside the courthouse, flags flew at half mast, and demonstrators held signs which read ‘Remember Sept. 22, 2015’, which is the day Borutski killed the three women.

Leading up to the sentence, victim impact statements were read by friends and family members of the victims, expressing fear, anger, and sadness about the murders. One went as far as criticizing the system that allowed Borutski to ignore his parole conditions, and get a gun.

**With files from Andreas Pandikiu