Being aware of distance and speed will help drivers stay safe on the roads this winter. That’s the message from Bracebridge OPP Constable Mo Tilson, who says keeping a longer distance from the car in front of you and slowing down are the most important things to remember now that winter weather is quickly approaching.

Tilson says when you’re approaching a stop sign or intersection, brake a little bit earlier than you would when the roads are clear to give your car a chance to slow down and come to a complete stop. If you’re following behind a car, give yourself room and keep in mind the roads are going to start becoming icy and slippery.

When it comes to highway driving, Tilson says you need to drive according to the weather, despite being on a wide piece of roadway. She says 100 km/hour is a suggestion, and you should be going slower if the weather calls for it.

Environment Canada had the county under a snow squall watch this week, which can cause near whiteout conditions on the road in a matter of seconds. Tilson says if your driving abilities or car isn’t up to the challenge, pull off and wait it out.

Tilson also notes winter tires are helpful, and it’s a good idea to keep an emergency kit in your car.

Finally, Tilson reminds drivers to make sure all of the snow and ice are cleared off of your car before you hit the road.

**With files from Taylor Ablett