The previous warden of Haliburton County is reflecting on a busy year.

Looking back on 2017, Brent Devolin says one major highlight was dealing with the flood in Minden Hills in May.

He says he spent two months focusing on the flood and the aftermath of it but says he was in awe of how the community came together.

Devolin says he knew being the warden was a demanding job but he was more busy than expected.

He feels the county is moving in a good direction.

Suzanne Partridge was sworn in as the new warden on Tuesday.

Devolin also says a major thrill was being the county’s representative for Hometown Hockey, which is a hockey festival that visits communities across the country highlighted by a community gathering to watch an N.H.L. broadcast outdoors.

Devolin also says he was met with his first challenge approximately a year ago when the county had to hire a new director of E.M.S. services just days after taking over as warden.