A 48-year-old woman in Minden Hills cannot own or care for horses for 10 years.

Shauna Hie was convicted in provincial court for permitting distress to an animal on January 4th.

The Ontario S.P.C.A. got a call about the welfare of four horses on the property on March 2nd of last year.

S.P.C.A. officers investigated the complaint and noticed four horses confined to a small area with no access to food and water.

A veterinarian examined the animals and determined they were all in poor health.

The S.P.C.A. took over the care of the horses and was able to find homes for three of them after restoring their health.

Aside from the ban on caring for or owning any equine animals, Hie was also fined $2,000 by the S.P.C.A.