Bringing affordable high-speed internet to Minden Hills isn’t happening as fast as some residents wish.

A family wrote a letter to the township saying they are paying $69 a month for 10 gigabytes, while service for their neighbor costs $59 for 200 gigabytes.

Mayor Brent Devolin says council will be writing a letter to the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission about the issue.

Devolin adds the Eastern Ontario Regional Network is working to close high speed internet gaps within the county.

He adds he has much confidence in E.O.R.N. to do the work.

Devolin adds expanding services is a coordinated effort between three levels of government and internet service providers.

He hopes everyone will have access to affordable high speed internet within five years.

The family writing the letter to council says it feels that they deserve the same services as other ratepayers.

Click here to see the letter.