Reducing a waiting list of people looking for affordable housing in the county will be difficult. Dysart et al Mayor Murray Fearrey says a report from the Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton Housing Corporation claims around 800 people are looking for an affordable place to live.

Suggestions to encourage the development includes tax incentives for developers, as well as fast-tracking the building approval process. Fearrey says the suggestions are good, but getting builders to construct multi-unit apartment buildings in the county is not easy.

One idea that did receive support was a K.L.H. program where a homeowner can add a secondary suite to their home and rent it out as an affordable unit. K.L.H. Manager Hope Lee said last month the program would give up to $10,000 to homeowners considering the renovation. She also says someone on the affordable housing waiting list could rent it out at 80 per cent of the average market rent.

Fearrey says most residents don’t need a ton of living space.

The secondary suite program will be available starting April 1st.