Murray Fearrey is awaiting word from the province on its request for a speed limit change. The Dysart et al mayor says having a speed limit of 80 kilometres doing down Dover’s Hills into the Village of Haliburton is dangerous. He says the incline going down Highway 118 into the village is steep and wants to see it changed to 50 kilometres, but adds it’s up to the Ministry of Transportation to make the decision.

Fearrey also says he hopes the M.T.O. makes up its mind before someone gets hurt.

Dysart council made the request to the M.T.O. at its last meeting of 2017.

The stretch of road in question starts at Fred Jones Road and leads into the Village of Haliburton by the fire hall. Fearrey also mentioned that council will keep the pressure on the province to make a decision sooner rather than later. There is no word from the Haliburton Highlands O.P.P. as to if there have been any collisions on Dover’s Hills. Most single lane provincial highways have a speed limit of 80 kilometres an hour, except in towns where the speed limit is usually at 60 kilometres an hour.