Minden Hills is taking steps to make sure people are safe ahead of the spring melt.The township has closed Milburn Road to traffic indefinitely and access is only permitted for residents.Minden Roads Superintendent Travis Wilson says Milburn Road is usually closed during the spring thaw because of the melting snow, combined with rain, can put the road under water.

Wilson adds that staff is monitoring the township’s roads to make sure they are safe for motorists.Wilson could not offer a specific timeline on when the road would be re-opened to traffic. Wilson also wants to remind residents and visitors that private roads are not monitored by the township and that any residents needing to travel those routes should do so with caution.

Several roads in Minden were under water last year when the township declared a state of emergency due to flooding in late April and early May due to high amounts of rain causing the water levels in the Gull River to rise. Minden also experienced a flood in 2013.

Milburn Road connects County Road 503 to Gelert Road.