Highlands East will be taking its geocaching promotion to the international level. Council unanimously supported Community Economic Development Coordinator Joanne Vanier’s request to send two staff members to Cincinnati for Geo Woodstock. Vanier says the event brings thousands of geocachers from all over the world to a central location.

Highlands East has branded itself as the Geocaching Capital of Canada and Vanier says Geo Woodstock is a great opportunity to spread the word.

Geocaching is a game where players take G.P.S. devices and use them to find hidden items, such as time capsules for example. Caches are logged when a treasure is found and according to Vanier, 991 caches were logged in 2017.

According to Vanier’s report, the cost of the trip is approximately $1,500. The money wasn’t included in the 2018 budget but Vanier says funds are available in the committees and economic development budget to cover the expenses. Geo Woodstock will be on May 26th.

Highlands East gaining a worldwide reputation as a geocaching hotspot