Minden Hills has another candidate to vote for Reeve. Brigitte Gall submitted her nomination July 24. In a phone call with Moose FM, Gall says she started seriously considering it about two weeks ago. Gall currently sits as Councilor of Ward 1. She says she was frustrated early on in this term of council and says she can bring a different approach. Gall says barriers need to be removed and communication lines need to be opened. She talked about problems with council not being on the same page when it came to information coming down from the county.

When asked if her stance on a pool in Minden will negatively affect the vote, she says there isn’t a foregone conclusion, “we need to know and discuss what our options are”. Whether that’s a pool, an arena, or a pool/arena recreation centre, the discussion needs to happen says Gall. She said that after talking with the business community, they all see the need for a recreation centre as it will drive people in at all hours of the day, all year round. She says council is not looking at a positive budget for next year and they will need to look at what makes sense and how they can get the money. She said there are big expenses to consider like the arena, a fire hall and a town hall.

“There have been a lot of moving pieces in the past four years,” says Gall, and she is looking forward to staff coming in and keeping the communication open so “everyone is working from the same instruction manual.”

Gall is running against Brent Devolin and current Reeve Barb Reid. Residents and cottagers will head to the polls October 14-15.