You’re being urged to stay away from local waterways.

This comes as both the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority have issued water safety statements in the area. Because of recent and forecasted snow and rain, along with the possibility of some melting, local lakes, rivers and streams may not be safe. CVCA General Manager Tim Pidduck says the concern is that flows and levels in these waterways will rise.

The conservation authority also says ice on local waterways could start melting because of the forecasted weather, which could make it unsafe to walk on.  You are also being urged to stay away from dams, hydro generation plants, culverts, and bridges, where water could flow very quickly.  Pidduck says, if you do end up in the water, you could be at risk of hyperthermia because of how cold it is.

The MNRF says minor flooding is possible in some areas that are prone to it, along with one roads, ditches and low-lying areas.

(Filed by: Andreas Pandikiu)