Hastings and Prince Edward Public Health wants you to take tick bites seriously.

As the weather heats up, people will spend more time outdoors, which could increase their risk of coming in contact with the parasites. Public Health Inspector Aptie Sookoo says being bitten by a blacked-legged tick can put you at risk of lyme disease, which could be devastating.

According to Sookoo, you are most at risk of Lyme disease if you don’t get the tick off within the first 48 hours of being bitten. He also reminds you that the illness can be treated.

Sookoo says there are steps you can take to avoid ticks if you are spending time outdoors.

Sookoo encourages you to do a full body check when you get home and says ticks love to stick near your neck, armpits, and belly button. Taking a warm shower can also help get rid of the parasites.

Sookoo is urging you to never let your guard down even though black-legged ticks are not a huge concern in North Hastings. They can be found in both the Peterborough and Haliburton areas.

(Filed by: Andreas Pandikiu)