The Crowe Valley Conservation Authority says you still need to be ready for the possibility of flooding.

The conservation authority has extended its flood warning for parts of Highlands East, North Kawartha, Wollaston, Limerick, Tudor and Cashel and Faraday. This means flooding could start, or is already happening along some local waterways.

CVCA says levels in St. Ola Lake have gone up overnight, but have started stabilizing. Levels in Wollaston, Chandos and Paudash lakes have crested, and could be starting to drop. But General Manager Tim Pidduck says he hopes there is enough storage capacity in those lakes for more water because of the current weather forecast.

Pidduck says the conservation authority will have to reassess the flood warning after tomorrow’s rain. Until then, he says you can’t let your guard down.

Anyone with a history of flooding is being reminded to make sure their sump pumps work, and double check that anything that could float away is secured.

**With files from Andreas Pandikiu