Dysart et al is starting a project that could see the municipality’s heating bill reduced. The province is contributing $2.8 million towards a renewable energy facility that will have wood chips burned at a central plant, and the heat would be piped to as many as 45 buildings in Downtown Halliburton. The money is coming from Ontario’s Green House Gas Reduction Challenge Fund.

Mayor Murray Fearrey says this is a big win for Dysart.

A plant will be built by the Four C’s where the wood chips will be burnt and the heat pumped into linked buildings. Fearrey adds the municipality will be applying for a federal grant of $1.9 million and expects the rest of the dollars to come from the private sector. He insists that Dysart taxpayers will not be on the hook for this project.

Fearrey says the expectation is that the shovel goes into the ground next year, with a completion date of sometime in 2020.  Torchlight Bioresources is overseeing the project and Managing Director Jamie Stephen says any property connected to the system could see anywhere between 20-to-30 per cent off their current heating costs.