Hi folks and welcome to your coverage of the Ontario election returns for your riding. We will be updating via the www.haliburtonnow.com and providing version updates approximately every 20 minutes, and also updating on the Moose 93.5 Facebook page.

We can safely call Laurie Scott the MPP for the Haliburton – Kawaratha Lakes – Brock winning with nearly 10,000 vote lead.

The PC party is well past the magic number of 63 seats to form a majority government.  The PC’s have 67 candidates elected with only 35 Liberal candidates elected.  The Liberals have 6 candidates elected and the Green Party with 1.  It is very clear that Doug Ford of the PC party is the new Premier elect of Ontario.

In his victory speech tonight Premier elect Doug Ford referenced his late brother Rob Ford saying he is looking down proudly tonight.  The PC party has won a majority government tonight with 71 candidates elected.  The NDP trail behind with 37 candidates.  The Liberal party will hold on to official party status with 8 candidates elected—just enough to meet the requirement.  Ford has said “a new day has dawned in Ontario”

Updated – 11:58 PM

32,605 Laurie Scott – PC

15,209 Zac Miller – NDP

5,688 Brooklynne Cramp-Waldinsperger – LIB

2,584 Lynn Therien – GRN

621 Thomas Rhyno – NAP

455 Gene Balfour – LTN

312 Chuck MacMillan – CNS

99 of 99 polls reporting

57,474 total votes