Two American brothers, using the inheritance from their mother who recently passed away, are attempting to start a legacy fund that will keep the tradition of the Dorset Canada Day fireworks show alive for years to come.

Andrew and Bruce Likly, the former from Detroit, the latter from Connecticut, recently made a donation of $9,000 to the Dorset Volunteer Fire Department, which in years past has been in charge of putting the show on. In 2017 it was announced it would be the last year for the annual tradition.

The Likly family have been coming to the Muskoka region and their family cottage for 55 years and Bruce Likly says his mom Shirley loved Lake of Bays and Canada Day.

“Mom loved the Canada Day fireworks and loved Canada,” recalls Bruce. Shirley passed away in 2017 at age 82.

The idea is that with this year’s show, which is now paid for, that fundraising for next year’s show could begin this year. To date, a GoFundMe campaign has raised over $5000. Andrew says they want the same level of show that has always taken place:

On the GoFundMe page, a message from the Likly’s says, “It is the family’s hope that this gesture will spur others who love Dorset and the Lake of Bays to consider similar tributes in the coming years. This way, we will be able to continue a great tradition for future generations to enjoy and remember.”

The brothers were struck by how much charity is undertaken by the Dorset community and the great job done by the Dorset Volunteer Fire service:

If you would like to contribute to the Go Fund Me page set up for this event – go to