Your stray cigarette could cause a destructive and deadly force of nature.

As the hot dry weather drags into another week in Haliburton, fire officials are warning visitors and locals to be cautious of all your actions around the district. Fire Prevention Officer Breyan Sinnott says sometimes a lit cigarette butt flicked from a vehicle can blaze into an out of control grass fire.

This comes after a fire ripped through an open field in Southern Ontario causing over $1 million in damages to vehicles parked there. The fire was believed to be caused by a cigarette butt or the exhaust pipe of one of the vehicles.

Sinnott says over 480 wildfires have been reported across Ontario this year, with 90 still burning. Some are suspected to have been caused by people. She says aside from cigarette butts, there are a few other possible causes of wildfires that locals should keep in mind.

You can find more details on how to stay fire safe here.