Larry Hope, Director of Education, for the Trillium Lakelands District School Board believes that students won’t feel the impact of the Ford government cutting the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.

Hope says that when school begins in September, they will not be directly affected by the decision. Before the fund was cancelled the TLDSB had received $830,000, and most of the projects they had alotted that money for have already begun and will continue as planned.

The projects that did not start prior to the cancellation are now “in a holding pattern” says Hope. He believes that should the need arise they will scrap plans for projects of lesser importance to ensure that funding goes where it is most needed.

Director Hope says that the school board is spending $23 million to repair and maintain the 54 schools in the district, and feels that with the exception of unforeseen expenses, there is no reason to believe that the day to day life of the students will be affected by the cancellation.