Residents of Highlands East are taking good care of their septic systems.

That’s according to a survey done by a pair of septic maintenance inspectors. A report submitted by Jacquelyn Curphey, and Tanya James, showed that of the 161 properties that were inspected between May 11th and June 11th 92 of those were low risk and only seven were classified as high risk.

The report classified a septic system as low risk when the system could be located, the system was 10 years old or younger, setbacks comply with OBC, no vegetation within three metres of the bed, a permit was located and the owner knew where the septic system was located.

High-risk septic systems had setbacks that did not comply with the Ontario Building Code, structures were built over the septic tank, the system could not be found or its location was unknown. and/or the system was homemade. Through the inspections, there were zero that was classified as a very high risk.