According to the Ministry of Natural Resources, the vast majority of the forest fires raging across Ontario were caused by lightning.

Of the 100 plus forest fires burning in the province, only six of those were caused by humans, with the cause of seven of them still unknown.

Currently, there is a complete fire ban across Haliburton County and other nearby places, such as Muskoka and Algonquin Park.   A complete ban is designed to keep the focus of fire departments and the Ministry of Natural Resources on the fires caused by other means.

In many cases, the fires burning this year have been started by lightning striking trees or dry grass causing the area around to catch as well, and the fire spreads before the MNRF or fire departments have a chance to contain them.

The MNRF says that the largest fire is burning in Nipigon, which has consumed 32,850 hectares. A fire burning in the easternmost part of Algonquin Park has burnt less than a hectare but remains classified as ‘not under control’.

The complete fire ban includes all open flames, campfires, and even fireworks, and is in effect until further notice.