According to Andrew Hodgson of Century 21, Haliburton’s housing market is up this year.

Canada Mortage and Housing Corporation released their housing market assessment and although housing in the GTA is ‘vulnerable’ Hodgson says that Haliburton County’s housing market is doing well.

Hodgson says that historically the County’s market tends to be ‘tight’. Primarily, housing in the area goes to boomers looking to get out of the GTA says Hodgson. The cost of housing in the County is less than the GTA or Muskoka, but more than Bancroft.

The price of buying a home in the County has gone up, but Hodgson says the market is still holding steady.

Rental accommodations continue to be a concern and Hodgson believes that it’s a good and bad thing, good in the sense that people want to live here and bad in the sense that 100 or so students attending the School of Art and Design occupying the majority of the rentals available.

High-end homes with a price tag of over $1 million are down nearly 50-percent compared to this time last year.