The candidates for the upcoming municipal elections have been set.  The deadline to file nomination papers was this past Friday at 2:00 pm.  Here is a list of everyone who is running locally:

Dysart Et Al: MayorMurray Fearrey, Andrea Roberts. Deputy Mayor- Patrick Kennedy, Dennis Casey. Councillor Ward 1Bram Lebo, Nancy Woods-Roberts. Councillor Ward 2-David McKay, Larry Clarke, Mike Stinson.  Councillor Ward 3- Cindy Baumhour, Tammy Donaldson. Councillor Ward 4- Aaron Walker, John Smith Councillor Ward 5- Walt Mckechnie, Glenn Scott

Minden Hills: Mayor- Brent Devolin, Wayne Hancock, Jarrett Campbell. Deputy Mayor(acclaimed)– Lisa Schell. Councillor at Large- Ron Nesbitt, John Teljur. Councillor Ward 1- Clayton Cameron, Jennifer Hughey, Jean Neville, Richard Bradley, Dwight Thomas, Bob Carter, Rob Luke. Councillor Ward 2- Pam Sayne, and Mike Grozelle. Councillor Ward 3- Russ Duhaime, Jean Neville. 

Algonquin Highlands: Mayor(acclaimed)Carol Moffatt. Councillor Ward 1- Julia Shortreed, David Lawson. Councillor Ward 2(Both Acclaimed)Liz Danielsen, Lisa Barry. Councillor Ward 3- Jennifer Dallioux, Brian Lynch.

Highlands East: Mayor- Dave Burton, Cheryl Ellis. Councillor Ward 1- Cam McKenzie, Steven Kauffeldt. Councillor Ward 2- Jane Russell, Suzanne Partridge. Councillor Ward 3(Acclaimed)Cec Ryall. Councillor Ward 4- Bradley Keller, James Deterling, Peter Fredricks, Ruth Strong.

Minden Hills is the only municipality to allow voting online and over the phone. The rest vote through mailing in their ballot.

Voters go to the polls on October 22nd.