Dysart et al has submitted a project proposal to U-Links, a community-based research group, to reduce plastics used in the municipality.

The goals of the project are not just reducing plastics used but also reduce the amount of waste entering the landfills. Dysart is hoping to create a model program that can be used by current or future staff.

Tamara Wilbee, a staff member for Dysart, says that this year will focus on plastic bags. The project is expected to be a single year but will change its focus to things like cutting back on straws in the future if this year is a success. Wilbee says that the project is set up to give attention and effort to one aspect of waste reduction at a time.

Part of the project will see students conducting research online and connecting with other municipalities to get answers to a series of nine questions around the use of plastic. Once the research has been done, students involved are to draft a report with recommended education and/or campaign tools for the municipality by February.

The final report with recommendations is expected to be completed by April.