The Trillium Lakeland District School Board wants everyone taking the bus to do so safely.

With the school year less than a month away, the TLDSB wants kids taking the school bus for the first time to do so safely. TLDB released an 18 minute Youtube video, and in the video was the importance of a parent or guardian taking the child to the bus five to 10 minutes early, standing on the sidewalk or shoulder of the road to not get hit, and only crossing in front of the bus with the parent or guardian.

The video also encourages children to ask for help to get anything they might drop under the bus. It is also encouraged to only bring things that fit in your backpack on the bus as they could be thrown about in an accident. Riders of the bus are asked to not snack on the bus in case there are any allergies among the other riders.

The video can be found here