Mountain Lake and its scenery is on the agenda when Minden Hills Council meets Thursday.

A resident of Mountain Lake has prepared a presentation on the “infestation” of seagulls on the lake. The purpose of the presentation is to increase awareness of the problem, hear what residents have to say, discuss the impact of seagulls on the health of both humans and the lake itself, learn how other areas handle migratory birds, and come up with solutions to address the problem.

In the presentation is the testimony of Mountain Lake residents. Some residents say they are concerned for the health of their family. Another person says they are extremely concerned by the population of seagulls on the lake.

The 29-page slideshow also touches on the impact of the birds on properties, sharing photos of the birds covering boats and docks, as well as the fecal matter left by the 100’s of birds.

Anyone interested in attending the meeting is encouraged to do so by going to the Minden Hills Council chambers at 7 Milne street. The meeting starts at 9:00 am.