Mother Nature doesn’t seem ready to give up on the summer weather just yet.
Environment Canada Meteorologist Geoff Coulson says the recent trend of wet and sunny weather will likely continue through September.

Coulson says on the sunny days, the temperature could allow you to squeeze in a few more trips to the lake. He says the above normal highs of 25 predicted for the coming long weekend are likely an indicator of things to come.

“That looks to be the trend that’s going to take us through probably at least mid-September, maybe even into the second half of September as well.”

Looking ahead, Coulson says Environment Canada is preparing for the possibility of an El Niño effect.

“This is something we’ll be watching closely as we go through the fall,” he says. “Right now they’re predicting it’s going to be a slow building event, likely becoming a weak El Niño by November or December.”

El Niño is a term used for when the Pacific Ocean warms up. When El Niño is in effect, it often means we can expect warmer than usual temperatures in the fall and winter. It can also cause heavier snowfall and freezing rain over the winter months.

“As the winter goes on, if that El Niño does strengthen somewhat, then we might see a little bit more in the way of impacts here in Ontario,” says Coulson.

Meanwhile, the Farmers’ Almanac has released a different type of forecast for Canada as it predicts a very cold and long winter. The almanac is reportedly based on mathematical and astronomical formulas.