Haliburton County’s Transportation Taskforce has been working to fix the lack of transportation in the area.

According to their progress report prepared by Tina Jackson, a member of the taskforce, they have accomplished nine major tasks in 15 months. The nine things they have checked off are the completion of a survey of people looking for work that require some kind of public transportation, a survey was given to members of the chamber in regards to what businesses need. Both surveys were given to a ULINKS research project to analyze the data and create a report on the findings.

Another major task completed by the taskforce was to create and implement a marketing and communications strategy, as well as research into lift stops as a solution, and the use of school buses or an “uber” as potential models to improve transportation.

The final major accomplishment was the creation of a comprehensive business case with recommended models and associated costs and the identification of funding options.

Jackson says that as of January the County had voted to approve the implementation of a “booked shared ride” model which has no fixed route in the traditional sense but the route and time of pick up and drop off of the shared vehicle would change based on the needs of riders that day.