Starting September 12th, Kawartha Lakes city workers will be flushing out water mains until November 23rd.

Kawartha Lakes officials say that the flushing process is necessary to remove sediment that gradually builds up and deposits into the water flowing through the mains. Residents are also being reminded that there may be periods that your water is coming out cloudy or discoloured.  To remedy that, officials say just let the water run until it comes out clean. It is also recommended that you check your drinking, cooking, and laundry water before using.

The flushing schedule is as follows:

Western Trent, Janetville September 12

Kings Bay September 19

Manorview September 25

Woodfield September 25

Norland, Kinmount September 25-26

Pinewood September 27

Sonya, Mariposa Estates October 2,

Pleasant Point October 3,

Birch point October 4,

Omemee October 4,

Canadiana Shores October 10,

Victoria Place October 31

Manilla November 1

Southview November 5-9

Woodville November 5-23