The Land Between is joining forces with a local organization to host its annual general meeting.

The Haliburton Highlands Outdoors Association will welcome the group on September 20th. The Land Between is a charitable organization dedicated to environmental conservation. Leora Berman, the Chief Operating Officer of the charity, says the meeting is primarily an update on the various programs it’s involved in and a general overview of its operations for the past year.

Berman says that the meeting will be followed by the screening of a film called “My First Shot.”  The movie follows a York University woman raised in Los Angeles who came up to the Haliburton area to learn about hunting. Berman says that the film took three years to make. She says that it was a lengthy process because they were taking a complete novice and training her how to hunt, get her the appropriate licencing, give her target practice, and help her overcome her fear of guns.

The film shows the transformation of the woman from a “city slicker” to a hunter, but Berman says that they also did a series of interviews about conservation and hunting. “Absolutely there is a connection between hunting and conservation,” says Berman, adding that “hunters are primarily conservationists.”

Seating for the AGM and film screening is limited but to book a seat to the free event, Berman says you can call her at 705-457-4838 or email