The Haliburton Highlands O.P.P. confirmed that they are investigating a drowning death near Minden.

Detachment Commander Leanne Spong-Hooyenga says that they received a call on September 4th, of a possible drowning at the University of Toronto Survey Camp located on Gull Lake.

An 18-year-old male was pulled from the water and transported to the hospital where he passed away.  Staff Sargent Spung-Hooyenga says that an investigation is underway.

The University of Toronto released a statement saying that the student was among a group of students taking an engineering course. Christina Amon, the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, says that week’s programming at the campus has been cancelled and the other students left the camp Tuesday.

“Today, our attention must be with those affected by this terrible tragedy,” she said in a message to engineering students, faculty and staff. “The thoughts of our entire community are with the family and friends of the student who died.” says Amon

U of T has owned the Gull Lake property since 1919 and uses the site for engineering students to learn land surveying and project management.