Residents and property owners in Highlands East are being asked to see if they are on the voters’ list.

The municipality announced that the Highlands East Clerk has put together the first list of people eligible to vote in the upcoming election, as required by section 23 of the Municipal Elections Act.

The list is available for review in the municipal office. It’s encouraging everyone checks that they are in fact on the list. Any needed changes should be done immediately. Those changes can be clerical errors, and or omissions, for example. October 22nd is not just voting day but the last possible day to file applications to add or remove your own name from the list.

Any revisions will be taken at the municipal office in Wilberforce. The revision of the list of electors will go on until October 19th during normal office hours. Highlands East is reminding people that in order to be eligible to vote you must be 18 or older, a Canadian Citizen, and own or be the tenant of a building in that municipality.