Haliburton County is lacing up for a great cause.

Sunday, Minden is just one of 200 plus Terry Fox Runs happening across Ontario alone and one of 9,000 across the country. This year marks the 25th year that the Terry Fox Run takes to the streets of Minden Hills.

The annual run stems from the Marathon for Hope that Fox himself attempted to run across the country, to raise awareness and money for cancer research after losing his leg and eventually his life to cancer.

Runners across the country will attempt a much smaller run than what Fox took on, but the cause is the same. Raising money to fund cancer research.

The Terry Fox Foundation says “if $1 million towards cancer research was within reach, why not $1 from every Canadian” referringĀ to the money that Fox Raised during the Marathon for Hope.

The run inĀ Minden starts at 9:30am with registration at 9:00am at the Minden Hills Community Centre.