Gooderham will be the host location for the Corduroy Enduro Race.

September 22nd and 23rd Gooderham residents will be hearing the sounds of cheering and motorcycle engines for the 64th running of the race. The self-labelled “Canada’s Toughest Race” has people from all over competing in a race that goes over 150 kilometres of trail and eight time trials.

The event has several categories of racers, including Amateur, Pro, Expert, Women’s and Vintage. The Expert and Pro divisions run a longer course than the Amateur, with the Vintage and Women’s divisions having a shortened track as well. The races themselves start on Saturday, but the two-day event will have bikes on display, awards, food and accommodations.

Racers that get first place in the Men’s Pro division will take home a $2,000 purse and first place in the Women’s division gets $500. According to race organizers, a former winner, David Knight will be there and will offer a three-day riding class starting on the 26th.

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