Haliburton’s Tourism Committee has gotten an update on getting promotional clothing for the area.

At a meeting today, there was a lengthy discussion about limited edition Haliburton-focused clothes. Part of the 2018 marketing plan was to create a clothing line with the “#MyHaliburtonHighlands” logo printed on it.

Director of Tourism Amanda Virtanen told the committee has been corresponding with a clothing company to look at what can be made for the line. Virtanen said that the company they were dealing with designed baseball shirts (shirts with 3/4 length sleeves) as well as a jacket that could be suitable.

Throughout the discussion about the clothing, some concerns were raised with the initial designs and the importance of the “#MyHaliburtonHighlands” logo being prominently displayed.

By the end, the committee decided that rather than compete with the likes of IGA and Foodland, which already sell Haliburton-centric clothes, it would focus on creating a higher quality single item. That item could be something like a letterman or leather jacket that might feature the Haliburton Tartan as well as the logo, rather than a complete line of clothing.

Virtanen will now go back to the company to discuss the new direction for the promotional clothing.