The Irondale landfill is in need of some work despite being in good shape.

Ivan Ingram, the Environmental and Property Operations Manager,  presented the results of the inspection to council today and the inspection showed that there are areas of the landfill that are in need.

According to the report shown to the council, several things need to be done to remain compliant with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks regulations. The landfill is required to create and submit a design and operations plan that addresses the issues the landfill faces including, the slope of a waste mound to a ratio of four to one, the replacement of monitoring well 98-8, a survey looking at adding a surface water sampling location and the completion of a litter pickup before a burning to ensure only clean wood is burning.

Staff was able to get quotes from two businesses to see the costs of fixing the items pointed out to them. GHD Limited estimated the cost at $7,853.50 plus the cost of a compliance action plan. Cambium Inc. estimated the cost at $13,850.40 including the compliance action plan.

Ingram told the council that with the exception of the compliance action plan, they have budgeted for this expense.