The Haliburton Chamber of Commerce is hoping to help small businesses be the best they can be.

The chamber has planned a series of six workshops starting October 15th and going every day until the 19th.  They’re designed to cover a variety of topics that affect small businesses and the community as a whole.

The week starts off with a workshop on how to create and use a Facebook page and monitor and track the analytics attached to the page. The next workshop is called Social Media Marketing which goes over the benefits of incorporating social media into your marketing strategies. Both the Facebook and Social Media workshops are free to the public.

Jennifer Locke, the Manager of the Chamber, says that the third workshop is a panel discussion on mental health in the workplace. Locke says that this panel features members from multiple chambers of commerce and people will be given the chance to network with people they would not run into normally. Locke says that mental health is an important topic for anyone, let alone small businesses.

The fourth event is not a workshop but a seminar called “Getting the Most out of Your Employees” which is designed to help employers learn mechanisms to handle a variety of situations with their employer-employee relationship.

Financial Success is the fifth event on the schedule. This workshop goes over tips and tricks to not just keep a business open but how to earn money. The final workshop “Website Accessibility” goes over how to make a website as user-friendly as possible.

According to Locke, the week of events is free if you are a member of the Haliburton Chamber of Commerce, but she adds that the public can attend for a fee. To register and get more information you can go to the chamber’s website