Muscular Dystrophy Society of Canada is holding its first ever online auction. Based on the first week, it has been a success.

Coordinator for the MS Society Laura Downing says they have passed the $10,000 mark after just a week.

“We hope to see that increase as we get closer to the end of the auction on October 14th. This our first year holding the auction and so far it has gone very well,” she said.

There is a range of interesting items available, from unique experiences like a Lady Gaga concert at her residency show in Las Vegas, Carrie Underwood in Chicago or a Game of Thrones location trip. There is also more modestly valued items including a range of household appliances, home decor and, restaurant vouchers.

Many of the restaurant cards are for popular chains available in the Haliburton area.

If you would like to participate in the auction click here.